Why the Vegan Life Isn’t For Everyone

In the present world where every aspect of our lives is out in the open for everyone to watch and judge on social media, being vegan is almost an invitation to controversy in your life.

Sure you probably can embrace the diet, and your body might be able to hold down the new regime you have imposed to it. But the cruel reality is that a lot of people experience eating disorders and a bunch of illness related to lack of nutrients since their body can’t adapt to the diet.

Most of these problems come from the lack of acknowledgment that veganism is simply not for everyone because there is particular ruling to each case in this world and either your genetics or your body chemistry will define if you are fit to undertake such a change in diet. Let’s take a look at these simple reasons why going Vegan is just not for everyone:

Your Body Outright rejects it

Mind you; you probably can’t grasp the reason why one week into your vegan diet you feel sick all the time. After all, marketers of the Vegan life constantly say that the diet it’s a one-size-fits-all solution. The fact is that it’s not. Your body is going to take some time getting used to the lack of proteins provided by meat and dairy. Sometimes it won’t happen at all. No matter how much you want it to.

You won’t be Able to Manage the Proper Intake of Vitamins

As you reach maturity, your body adapts to take in the substances it needs to keep working from very specific sources that you are always offering at all moments. Vitamins, minerals and the overall energy it needs are provided by almost meal you have. If you cut down the sources and change them without some prep time, your body will suffer the consequences, and while some people adapt to the hard times, most can’t handle the stress.

Preexisting Health Conditions won’t allow it

If you are suffering from obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and other health hazards and you go Vegan to fix it, you’ll be putting yourself at a higher risk than the one you were experiencing previously. The lack of nutrients in the body can lead to a sulfur deficiency in your body, the chemical is closely tied to animal proteins, and the lack of it can cause long-term problems that will affect your bones, joints, your metabolic process and even your blood pressure.