Massage Therapy: Styles of Massage and Their Health Benefits

Planning to get a massage but unsure what style to go for?  Let us help you decide which one would suit you best. Below are some of the most common types of massage that you can choose from depending on your needs and their individual benefits.

Swedish Massage

The most common type of massage therapy. Swedish Massage uses pressure and friction through long strokes that help loosen tight muscles and in turn make clients feel more relaxed which is the primary goal of Swedish Massage. But the benefit of this type of massage is not limited to complete relaxation but it is also beneficial to a person’s overall well-being because it can:

  1. Increase oxygen levels in the blood
  2. Reduce muscle toxins
  3. Improve blood circulation
  4. Ease tension in the muscles.
  5. Decrease cortisol levels known as the stress hormone
  6. Increase sugars in the bloodstream
  7. Increase the number of lymphocytes or the white blood cells that boost the immune system

If you work an office job that’s fast-paced and highly stressful, this massage type might be right for you.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is best for tight and knotted muscles. Individuals often seek for this type of massage when they are experiencing chronic aches and neck, upper back, lower back, legs and shoulder pains. Aside from this, Deep Tissue Massage can also help:


  1. Eliminate knots or adhesions
  2. Break down scar tissue
  3. Improve blood circulation and limited range motion
  4. Reduce muscle inflammation
  5. Recover from injuries such as whiplash and falls
  6. Ease the pain of strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome
  7. Improve posture
  8. Relieve osteoarthritis pain


Work a job in construction or something that requires a lot of repetitive motion and physical exertion? Deep tissue might be the right massage for you.

Lymphatic Massage

The type of massage that is also known as lymphatic drainage. Using slow circular motions and pressure, the therapist will move lymph fluid throughout the lymphatic system. This is commonly used by individuals who are suffering from lymphedema, a condition in which swelling occurs from fluid buildup because lymph fluid is unable to flow normally. Below are some more benefits you can get from undergoing a lymphatic massage:


  1. Drains accumulated lymph fluid after a breast cancer surgery
  2. Reduces swelling and pain
  3. Helps circulate lymph fluid to relieve pain


Anyone recently suffering from chronic illness might benefit from lymphatic massage.

Sports Massage

As its name suggests, Sports massage is designed for athletes or physically active individuals. These persons need relief from pain acquired through repetitive motion associated with their chosen activity and a Sports Massage session would greatly help them ease the pain and soreness. This type of massage can also help:


  1. Shorten recovery times
  2. Improve mobility and flexibility
  3. Enhance performance
  4. Decrease muscle and joint pains
  5. Prevent sports-related injuries
  6. Promote tissue repair and muscle balance


Athletes and fitness buffs can definitely benefit from sports massage.


Convinced that a massage therapy can do so much more than just relaxing your tired body and stressed mind? It’s time to book your much-needed massage therapy session!