How To Liven Up Your Dull Cardio Routine

How To Liven Up Your Dull Cardio Routine

Cardio exercise helps keep your heart healthy and your body fit and trim.  There are tons of benefits to a cardio workout.  When you engage in regular cardio exercise, you are likely to lose weight, strengthen your heart and lungs, reduce stress, increase bone density, lift your spirts, become more self-confident and you’ll probably sleep better too.  But what can you do when your routine becomes…too routine?

When your workout sessions become boring and predictable.  It’s easy for your body to get “stuck”.  You can’t go forward when you’re not challenging your body.  It’s time to dump that stagnant, all-too-routine routine.  Here’s how:

Pump it Up

Get your rear in gear by motivating your mind…then your behind.  Positive, energetic thoughts produce positive, energetic workouts.

Add some pep in your step!  Give your body (and your mind) the stimulation they crave.  Short speed burst training is an excellent way to add challenge to your boring routine.  You’ll burn more fat too.  The bursts will be done in 30 second increments so be sure you have a responsive treadmill that has fast one-touch speed capability.

Start by warming up on the treadmill while getting your mental focus on as well.  Walk at a mild pace for about five minutes.  When you are fully warmed up, quickly bump the speed up to a fast running pace.  Push it to the limit for 30 seconds then pipe back down to a light jog.  Then you can even go to a walking pace if you need to.  Rest about 2 minutes and then repeat the cycle five more times.

Shock and Awe

It’s all about shocking your cardiovascular system into motion and being awestruck with the results.  With those two things in play, you’ll be able to reach your full potential.  Once a week or once every ten days is enough for many people but you can customize your own plan.  Just be sure not to over amp your central nervous system

Keep on your toes by mixing your training routine up.  Finding a good treadmill reviews website can give you some routine ideas that you may want to add to pumping it up with this advanced shock and awe method.  In addition, you may want to consider adding outdoor sprint work to maximize your results.  But, if you are training exclusively indoors, a treadmill is your best bet.

.Think Outside the Box

Stepping outside your traditional training will help you find the ultimate workout.  Weight training is one such way to do so.  Combining weight training and sprint training can yield amazing results.  You will feel great and look great too and who doesn’t want to do that?

Another method to bring about ultimate cardio workout results is to perform the big compound exercises.  Squats, bench presses, shoulder presses and dead-lift can be employed together in a workout to reduce body fat and improve your cardiovascular system as well.  By combining these big boys, so much demand will be placed on your central nervous system, your body will eat up the fat it has reserved to fuel the new muscles you’ll be building.  Imagine that…your body devouring its own fat.  Nice!

The compounding of the exercises also help to trim you down and strengthen but not build bulky muscles.  In order to get that body building muscle-bound look, you’ll need to intentionally pile on the calories.  If you’re not into that, you’ll love the strong but lean look the workout naturally brings.  This method is embraced in man of the strength training process seem in the gyms and other programs.

It all boils down to busting the boredom and sweep out the cobwebs that have taken over in your cardio routine.  When you do it right, a good cardio workout will not only add days to your life, it will add life to your days.  Pump it up and pump it out.

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