Hercules Kettlebells Available on Amazon | Product Review by Aluminosis

Hercules Kettlebell Review

When you look at kettlebells, well, there’s nothing much to look at! It’s a heavy weight with a handle. However, this design makes it ideal to be a substitute for dumbbells or even barbells, depending on the type of workout routine you have. But even though just about all kettlebells on the market do look the same, they’re not exactly created equal…

For instance, if we take a look at the Hercules Kettlebell, we can immediately see that it has a more durable architecture compared to some low-quality models you might find in a big-box retail store. It even looks like it can take a good beating in comparison to its plastic-shell counterparts. So, is the Hercules Kettlebell the right exercise product for you? Let’s find out.


What are the Features of the Hercules Kettlebell?

Many fitness gurus know all about the Hercules brand, and the company’s kettlebells are no exception. This kettlebell has rubber lined trays, a metallic silver finish, and a commercial-grade quality. While there are some kettlebells that are being marketed as fit for home use, this particular item would have no trouble finding its way to a gym. Seriously! The Hercules Kettlebell can even be found in different weight variations, which include 10, 25, and 40-pound variants. So, yea…these are serious enough for advanced weight training.

Are There Any Downsides to Using the Hercules Kettlebell?

One look at the Hercules Kettlebell and you’ll find it to be a very durable exercise partner. I mean, it’s not going to jump up and spot you, but you’ll be using these for years. However, there is one thing that does look unappealing when using this particular kettlebell, it’s the seams. The creation of the seams isn’t one that you can safely call “clean.” In fact, some online reviews say that it’s one of the messiest jobs of sealing the components of the kettlebell together. But is that really an issue? You can probably file those down if they become an issue during your workout routine, and hopefully Hercules is already putting some QA into their manufacturing process.

It might deliver mixed looks, but ultimately, it’s going to be worth your time and money in investing in this piece of exercise equipment. I mean, are you looking for a decoration or something that functions? This isn’t art, it’s equipment after all! And it’s still, by far, one of the most durable kettlebells you can find on the market. In fact, with proper cleaning and maintenance, you’ll be using this kettlebell for decades to come. I have one last thing to report about the workmanship. The handles have a fairly rough texture, which means that individuals who aren’t using exercise gloves might have to deal with calluses in the long run. So, wear your gloves!

What are the Pros of Using the Hercules Kettlebell?

First, you’re going to get the benefits of using a regular kettlebell. These things are effective! It might seem like it’s a simple piece of exercise equipment because IT IS a simple piece of exercise equipment. There are no bells and whistles included on the device (Well there is a bell, but only one, and it doesn’t ring unless you drop it hard. LOL!), and perhaps that’s for the best.

Is the Hercules Kettlebell Expensive?

The Hercules Kettlebell does carry a more expensive price tag than most kettlebells on the market, but it does offer durability levels that far exceed the likes of low-quality exercise gear. As such, there is a definite justification to the price tag.

So, is the Hercules Kettlebell the right exercise equipment for you? It could be, but you still have to take note of its seam and rough handle before you plan on buying and using this kettlebell. Check it out on Amazon: