What Gym Equipment Should I Use?

A lot of times, we walk into the gym completely clueless about what our actual goals are. Or maybe you know what you want to be toned, but you aren’t sure what equipment to use to get there. Well, today we’ve put together a list of equipment and what it can be used for in order to reach your goals. Let’s hit the gym!


If you’re looking at burning stomach fat, toning your stomach, butt and legs, a treadmill or ski machine is your safest bet. An elliptical machine or cycling can also do the job without too much trouble. Just remember to be patient with yourself and stick to it.


Working Your arms can be as simple as lifting a few weights at the gym and rotating in the air. Do you want to really sculpt your arms? Push-Ups can be beneficial for not only your arms, shoulders and your neck but also your butt and legs.


Toning your legs can be significantly easier to do than your stomach or arms. If you love running, try the treadmill. A stationary bike is also considered an almost perfect piece of exercise equipment due to the fact that it has little to no joint impact and thus is perfect for people who deal with chronic joint pain. Toning your butt also takes work, but a lot of times when you’re working on your legs, you’re also working on your butt without knowing it!

Get Serious

If the goal is to tone your body and lose weight, get serious about it. Set small goals and celebrate small victories. Take steps that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. This includes your diet. You can’t expect to lose weight if you’re eating food that is high in calories and trans and saturated fats.

Are you ready to live a few fatty pounds lighter and enjoy a morning run? Ready to get motivated to have a body you’re proud of walking around in? Make that day today and get out on that treadmill!