Why Are Refined Carbs So Addictive?

A lot of people look out for their health by avoiding refined carbohydrates. If you are wondering what are those they are the essential component present in every delicious food you can think about. They carry a lot of calories, sodium, and sugar to our bloodstream and we usually don’t give a thought about it. Most processed foods are full of carbohydrates, from white bread to freshly baked donuts or even a bag of potato chips.

Carbohydrates: The Good and the Bad

The good side of carbohydrates is that most of the times they are the ones powering up our internal systems. The main components of carbs bring energy to the central nervous system and keep it alert at all moments. The downside to them is that the baggage they leave on our bodies can do a lot of damage in the long run. The sugar is usually processed to become lard that goes to our belly or extremities, and the sodium can go directly into our bloodstream and alter our blood pressure.

Dopamine: The Key to Control

The final strike is the fact that carbs can alter our dopamine centers and build a tolerance to them. Explained in layman terms, dopamine is one of the main chemicals present in the brain. It’s also one of the main drives of the pleasure centers in our bodies. Dopamine is what its’ released by our nervous system when we feel something related to pleasure such as eating, and carbohydrates can segregate a lot of dopamine in our brain. Sometimes as much as the amount released by using hard drugs.

Building a Tolerance that it’s not so good

Our own system usually balances the presence of dopamine, and it builds a tolerance to it. In the long run, this affects our systems negatively because we’ll need to consume more carbs to be satisfied. That’s why they are so addictive, that’s why you should have some measure of control over them.